VISEN Pharma and Suzhou Industrial Park Sign Memorandum of Cooperation Official Announcement of VISEN's R&D and Production Localization


Suzhou, China, May 7, 2021,  -- VISEN Pharmaceuticals, a company focused on developing and commercializing innovative treatment of endocrine-related diseases, announced today the signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation with Suzhou Industrial Park. The R & D and Manufacturing Campus of VISEN Pharma in Greater China will be based in Suzhou Industrial Park, which marks the key milestone of the expansion of VISEN's novel biological products from clinical development to local commercialization. The site will become the new key facility for further improving the accessibility of endocrine drugs for local patients.

The total planned land area of VISEN China R & D and Manufacturing Campus is around  6.6 acres and the total planned construction area is approximately 70,000 square meters. The project will be implemented in two phases, and the construction of its first phase is expected to be completed by the end of 2023. After reaching production capacity, the planned annual output value will be approximately RMB 6 billion. The design of the project conforms to the internationally advanced standards of the United States, European Union and China's cGMP, etc. After the campus is completed, it will be immediately put into use for the localized production of relevant innovative products of VISEN. With the expansion of VISEN Pharma 's business models and pipeline, the production campus will also be leveraged for the R&D and production of other new products.

Mr. Shan Fu, Chairman of VISEN Pharmaceuticals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., said: "the recently released 14th Five-Year Plan on Yangtze River Delta has proposed to focus on key areas such as biomedicine. No matter from the perspective of enterprises or industry funds, we have been optimistic about China's bio-pharmaceutical industry over the long run. The Bio-pharmaceutical industry is a key industry relevant to the national economy and people's livelihood, with wide coverage, long industrial chains and promising growth potential. The bio-pharmaceutical industry in the Yangtze River Delta, including Suzhou, possess a leading position in China and has the necessary conditions to build a world-class industrial cluster. This is also an important motivation why we have chosen to establish our campus in Suzhou. VISEN Pharmaceuticals has grown rapidly over the past two years to address the unmeet the needs of patients with a differentiated and innovative products and is committed to becoming an expert in endocrinology therapies. The R & D and Manufacturing Campus in Greater China itself has embodied our long-term optimism and commitment to the Chinese market."

Mr. Pony Lu, the CEO and board member of VISEN Pharma, commented that the execution of strategic measures such as the construction of a production campus and the integration of relevant business modules not only demonstrates that VISEN Pharma is a vertically integrated biopharmaceutical company, but also showcases its industry leading standards in relevant drug manufacturing. This campus will enhance the global competitiveness of China's biopharmaceuticals industry, and demonstrate the innovative strengths of China's high-end and intelligent manufacturing. As a pharmaceutical enterprise committed to becoming an expert in endocrinology therapies, VISEN Pharma will further enrich its pipeline in the endocrine therapeutic area, and make significant contributions to achieving the "Healthy China 2030" government plan by building industry leading local production facilities and improving accessibility to relevant drugs.

"Suzhou has focused on creating a bio-pharmaceutical industry ecosystem, with strong support in various areas such as industrial policies, an innovation environment, talent introduction and scientific and technological investment. These policies have resulted in a cluster effect boosting the overall industry ecosystem. The bio-pharmaceutical industry at the Suzhou Industrial Park has come to the forefront of the momentum in the development of quality and innovation ability across the country, which is an important reason for VISEN Pharma to join. One of VISEN Pharma 's values is to stay committed to introducing innovative drugs into China and benefiting more Chinese patients. We believe that the cooperation between the two sides will definitely spark more innovation." Mr. Pony Lu said.

The construction of the biopharmaceutical production campus is subject to very strict quality requirements. In addition to the complex process of the production of biopharmaceutical stock solution, the requirements of sterile control in the formulation production are extremely rigorous. The quality requirements of final products depend on precise management of the pharmaceutical process, high-standard production facilities, stable techniques and experienced talent to manage the operation. The currently planned production site is benchmarked against internationally advanced standards and has high-quality requirements to ensure the stable production of drugs. The campus emphasizes the dual requirements of process automation and data integrity in parallel, and has the ability to improve the efficiency in the manufacturing process and proceed on par with the international standards.

We believe that roll out of the R & D and Manufacturing Campus in Greater China in its full scale will further boost VISEN Pharmaceuticals 's efforts to pursue its vision as an expert in the endocrine-related treatment field and introduce the world's leading therapies and drugs into China. We look forward to benefiting more Chinese patients from the world's advanced and reliable therapies and regimens sooner.

About VISEN Pharmaceuticals

VISEN Pharmaceuticals is committed to the treatment of endocrine-related diseases, introducing the world's leading treatment methods and drugs into the China market, and hoping to provide more Chinese patients quick access to the world's most advanced and reliable treatment solutions.

In 2018, VISEN Pharmaceuticals was formed by Ascendis Pharma A/S (Nasdaq: ASND) and an investor syndicate led by Vivo Capital (along with participation by Sofinnova Investments). In January 2021, VISEN Pharmaceuticals completed series B financing, led by Sequoia China with participation from OrbiMed, Sherpa Healthcare Partners, Cormorant, HBM Healthcare Investments, Pivotal bioVenture Partners China, Logos Capital, and CDG Capital, to develop and commercialize endocrinology therapies in Greater China, which includes mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan.